That Time I Shot a Video, Wrote a Song For It, and Edited It Together All In One Day

A few months ago, Jamie and I scheduled a few "model call" shoots at the studio [The Adore Girls in Nashville, TN]. We do this once or twice a year just to spice up our portfolio and try out some  new ideas with our photography and videography. (The photo you see here was shot by Jamie Pfister.) The women who volunteer for these model call shoots are not actually professional models, as we prefer to fill our portfolio with everyday women of all shapes, sizes, ages, races, etc., but they do understand that they are required sign a Model Release in lieu of our regular sitting fee.

Anyway, with model calls, we rarely schedule a consultation beforehand, so we don't always know what type of woman is going to walk through our door on the day of the session. Prior to Miss. S.' arrival, I was prepared to shoot a short promo video for Instagram with one of my slower, more sensual compositions. However, as soon as she arrived, that song choice went out the window. Not only was Miss S. full of fun, happy energy, but she brought a wardrobe that matched her personality to a T. In fact, our favorite wardrobe item that she brought was a DIY bodysuit, which she made out of an old Brooks & Dunn T-shirt! 

So, while Miss S. was in hair and makeup, I decided to get to work writing a new song for her video. I knew it had to be upbeat and kind of playful (like her), but I also wanted it to have a more Southern/country feel to compliment the Brooks & Dunn bodysuit. For that reason, I started with a sexy slide guitar riff, which I loved, and then added some mid-tempo, foot-stomping drum beats. Fun! From there, the bass line practically wrote itself, and I topped off the composition with some good, old-fashioned hand claps. Before I knew it, I had a new, "Instagram-friendly" length song that I LOVED and composed in just under an hour! A new record!

When it came to naming this particular song, that was also pretty easy. I was so impressed with how Miss S. had cut and sewn her old T-shirt into a sexy bodysuit and thought the idea itself was so clever that I decided to name the song "Clever Girl." 

Not only was the song perfect for this particular client, but I can see it being perfect for so many other sassy, Southern boudoir clients (or any other type of fun, little Southern-themed video, for that matter).

So, without further ado, here is the promo video that I shot, wrote a song for, and edited together all in one day at The Adore Girls' studio, featuring the gorgeous Miss S. and our song "Clever Girl"!

Click here to purchase your copy of "Clever Girl," and feel free to share your finished video with us!