Our First Song Sighting "Out in the Wild!"

As mentioned in our previous blog post, during the month of October, we are running a special 50% off coupon code promotion for anyone who posts a video online that features one of our songs. (The artist must give credit for the song to BoudoirBeats.com in the caption or comments and also use the hashtag #boudoirbeats so we can find the post online.) 

Today, we found an awesome boudoir video by Tamara Paskey-Alexander of Paskey Boudoir in Dallas, TX on Vimeo, which features our song, "Show Me What You Know." (We especially loved her use of blackout frames towards the end of the video, which goes perfectly with the music.) 

Nice work, Miss Tamara! And thank you so much for helping spread the word about BoudoirBeats.com. Your 50% off coupon code is on the way! 

Photo by Paskey Boudoir (www.paskeyboudoir.com).

Photo by Paskey Boudoir (www.paskeyboudoir.com).

Be sure to follow Paskey Boudoir on Facebook and Instagram (@paskeyboudoir) to see more of Tamara's beautiful work.