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The Adore Girls is a boudoir photography studio located in Nashville, TN and is made up of Jamie Pfister (owner/photographer) and Courtney Bell (photographer/videographer). When The Adore Girls began offering videography services in 2016, they quickly discovered a lack of royalty-free songs available online that are truly suitable (i.e. sexy or sensual enough) for the boudoir genre. So, after many wasted hours of unsuccessful searching through online music catalogs, the Girls decided to simply start writing their own songs - and Boudoir Beats was born!

Boudoir Beats' mission is to provide videographers and photographers a diverse catalog of sexy, original, royalty-free songs that are specifically written for (but certainly not limited to) use in boudoir-related projects.

Songs are categorized as either long or short in length. The long songs are over one minute in length and are suitable for full-length client videos, longer promo videos, and photography slideshows. Short songs are up to one minute in length and are suitable for shorter, "Instagram-friendly" videos. You may also request an original composition or customization of any song to better suit your specific needs.

New songs will be added to the Boudoir Beats catalog just as quickly as The Adore Girls can crank them out, so be sure to check back often!